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WIAA Releases 24 Proposed Amendments up for Vote

March 29, 2018

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association have announced the 24 proposed amendments for the 2018-2019 school year that will be voted upon by the Representative Assembly beginning next month. 

Voting by the 53 members from the high school (35) and middle level (18) of the Representative Assembly begins April 27th and runs through May 4th.

Highlights of the amendments include allowing high schools to opt up for all school activities, or petition up or down for football only. Also under consideration is an amendment granting one of the 20 baseball, basketball or softball games could be a tournament in which two, three or four games could be played. The voters will also weigh a proposal that a soccer player receiving two yellow cards in game would not be suspended for the next match.  Check out all of the WIAA proposed amendments. 

A sixty percent (60%) "yes" vote by the Representative Assembly is needed to adopt an amendment. Middle level only amendments require 11 "yes" votes, high school only amendments require 21 "yes" votes, and middle level/high school joint amendments require 32 "yes" votes.

The WIAA is looking for input from member school personnel and the public in advance of the Representative Assembly's voting window. To take the survey on the proposed amendments Click Here.

- Doug Lange

(Information from WIAA press release used in this story)


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