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Bellingham Slam Back in Action this Weekend

August 10, 2018

The Bellingham Slam are back in action this weekend at The Crawsover Seattle Pro-Am. Bellingham will play games on Saturday and Sunday at Royal Brougham Pavilion in Seattle. 

Bellingham plays Team Adidas Saturday at 3:00pm and the Tacoma Thunder at 12:00pm. 

The Slam are coming off a 100-80 victory over Cityside Hoops Sunday, July 29th. Jordan Hamilton lead the way with a team high 22 points.









Bellingham is 4-and-1 on the year with just 3 games left in regular season. 

- Doug Lange 

Jordan Hamilton_edited.jpg

7/29/18 - Jordan Hamilton shoots for the Bellingham Slam.

PHOTO: Bellingham Slam

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