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Bellingham Bells Futures Game

Logos photo courtesy of the Bellingham Bells

Bellingham Bells & Local Baseball Organizations to Host Future Series at Joe Martin Field 

August 27, 2018 

The Bellingham Bells, in coordination with Baseball BC, Baseball Northwest, Cascade Crush, Langley Baseball Club and the Rijo Baseball Club, are excited to announce a Futures Series that will take place at Joe Martin Field the weekends of September 7-9 and September 14-16, 2018. The series, the first of what is intended to be an annual event, will feature top local prep talent from across the Pacific Northwest.


All participating players are hand selected to participate in this showcase, which is free of charge to players. The Bellingham Bells, along with other participating organizations, believe in development of local players at the highest level and strive to continually give back to the local baseball community.  All organizations believe participation in this Future Series is a quality way to develop local players and give back to the baseball community. 


Local area scouts, D1-D3 coaches and recruiting coordinators, Junior College coaches & recruiting coordinators are welcome and encouraged to attend.


The schedule for the 2018 Bellingham Bells Futures Series is as follows:


15U Division: Sept 7-9, 2018


Baseball BC 15U – Contact: David Laing (604) 586-3312

Baseball Northwest - Contact: Joshua Warner (503) 302-7117

Bellingham Bells Select - Contact: Doug Mathieson (778) 227-4681


16U Division: Sept 14-16, 2018


Baseball BC 16U - Contact: David Laing (604) 586-3312

Bellingham Bells Select - Contact: Doug Mathieson (778) 227-4681

Cascade Crush - Contact: John Sandstrom (360) 303-4015

Rijo Athletics 15U – Contact: Jose Rijo-Berger (206) 852- 6626

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