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Rule changes for ejection appeals & pitch count among 14 amendments passed by WIAA

May 7, 2018

RENTON, Wash. – The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Representative Assembly voted to pass 14 amendments for the 2018-19 school year, the Association announced Monday. The Representative Assembly is comprised of 53 (35 high school, 18 middle level) school administrators from each of the nine WIAA districts. For an amendment to pass, 60 percent approval is needed from voting members of the Assembly.

A new amendment will allow judgement calls that result in an ejection to be appealed. School-approved video evidence must be submitted to the WIAA office by a principal or designee. This is an expansion of the current appeals criteria which only apply to misinterpretation or misapplication of rules regulations. The principal/designee must contact WIAA administrative staff within one school business day after the conclusion of the contest and staff must determine an incorrect judgement call was made before making an appeal to the school’s league.

Among the passed amendments, is a change which allows 1B and 2B schools to opt up for all sports and activities and 2B schools will have the ability to petition down for football only.

Student athletes at either the middle level or high school level will now have the opportunity to participate in competitions against professional or college athletes provided he or she is not representing a WIAA member school. Also, any 2B high school may utilize eighth graders in team sports or in any sport not offered at the middle level or if participation numbers are within specific parameters. Any school utilizing eighth graders must first be granted league approval.

Incoming ninth graders will not be required to meet the previous semester scholarship rule.

Three amendments were passed regarding coaching requirements or regulations. Following the completion of the school season for a sport, a school coach may now coach high school seniors in that sport. All paid high school and middle level coaches, as well as volunteer coaches serving as high school head coaches, are required to complete annual online rule clinics administered by the WIAA. Finally, both cheerleading and Dance/Drill coaches now must be stunt certified in WIAA-approved “hands on” training only.

Four sport-specific amendments were passed, making minor adjustments regarding eligibility and scheduling. In baseball, a pitcher will be allowed to complete an at-bat if he entered the at-bat below the 105 pitch count limitation. In soccer, a player who receives two yellow cards will no longer be suspended for an additional match after the ejection. In basketball, a player may play in 80 quarters per season regardless of the number of games he or she appeared in. In volleyball, high school sub-varsity contests may be 2/3, 3/3, 3/5 or 5/5 sets.

Two amendments were passed specific to the middle level only. Sixth graders may now participate with and against seventh and eighth graders in wrestling and middle level volleyball teams will be allowed to compete in two one-day tournaments as part of their schedule.

Three WIAA Executive Board positions were up for re-election. Scott Chamberlain (Centralia, District 4), Rich Rouleau (Naches Valley, District 5) and Miles Caples (Entiat, District 6) will continue their positions on the Board.

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