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Bellingham Bells and Port Angeles to finish postponed game

Logo courtesy of the Bellingham Bells

Bells/Lefties postponed by Rain in Port Angeles 

June 9, 2018 

Friday's Bellingham Bells game in Port Angeles versus the Lefties was postponed due to rain. The remainder of the game is scheduled to be played Saturday. 


Action will resume at 5:00pm tonight with the score tied at 1-1 in the bottom of the 7th inning with 0 on and 0 out and a 2-0 count. Saturday's 

regularly scheduled game between Bellingham (4-2) and Port Angeles (4-2) will follow.

Johnny Wiltfang (1-0) is scheduled to take the mound for Bells in game number 2 of the series. Baxter Halligan (0-1) gets the start for the Lefties. 

- Doug Lange 

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