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Cross Country: Squalicum Girls Get it Done at Lakewood

September 24, 2018

By Keenan Gray - The Runner

Marysville, WA - The Squalicum Storm girls cross country team pull out a narrow 2 point victory over the Meridian Trojans Thursday at Lakewood High School winning 39-41. The other schools in attendance were host Lakewood and Sedro-Woolley.

The Storm had 3 girls in the top 4 with freshman Laura Halsell winning the 5,000 meter race with a time of 19:33. Maria Salomon (3rd) and Grace Doud (4th) were the two other girls in the top 4 for Squalicum running 20:25 and 20:26.


Freshman standout Kayla Aalpoel led all Lady Trojans with her 2nd place finish running 19:51. Kendyl Otter and Rubi Stuit had 5th and 7th place finishes for Meridian.


Between the Trojans and the Storm it came down to there 4th and 5th runners. The Storms 4th and 5th runner were 14th and 17th and the Trojans 4th and 5th runner were 12th and 15th. Because Squalicum had three runners in the top 5 to Meridian's two runners, this would be the difference maker in scoring.


Callie Buchanan of Lakewood was the Cougars top runner with a time of 21:07 placing her 6th overall. Sedro-Woolley's Tessa Smith ran for an 11th place finish and her time was 22:13.


The Meridian boys would switch spots with the Squalicum boys as the Trojans would beat the Storm by 7, 38-45, in the boys meet.


Just like the Squalicum girls, the Meridian boys had 3 runners in the top 4. Nathan Schneider won his 2nd 5,000 meter race this season running to a big personal best time of 16:02. Abbas Theophilus and Jaskaran Dhatt wrapped up the 3rd and 4th spots running 16:39 and 16:42.


Joe Brodeur, Ben Latta, and Silas Shellito from Squalicum grouped up for the race and ran pretty even with each other to 6th, 7th, and 8th. Brodeur and Latta were at 17:08, followed by Shellito at 17:09.


Rafe Holz of Sedro-Woolley also had a big day for the Cubs as he had a personal best time of 16:27. Lakewood's Alex Jensen ran 16:57 to lead the Cougars for his teams best finisher.




Boys - Meridian (38), Squalicum (45), Lakewood (70), Sedro-Woolley (72)


1. Nathan Schneider (16:02, Meridian), 2. Rafe Holz (16:27, Sedro), 3. Abbas Theophilus (16:39, Meridian), 4. Jaskaran Dhatt (16:42, Meridian), 5. Alex Jensen (16:57, Lakewood), 6. Joe Brodeur (17:08, Squalicum), 7. Ben Latta (17:08, Squalicum), 8. Silas Shellito (17:09, Squalicum), 9. Gabe Hatch (17:26, Lakewood), 10. Jenson Ellars (17:33, Meridian)


Girls - Squalicum (39), Meridian (41), Lakewood (46), Sedro-Woolley (88)


1. Laura Halsell (19:33, Squalicum), 2. Kayla Aalpoel (19:51, Meridian), 3. Maria Salomon (20:25, Squalicum), 4. Grace Doud (20:26, Squalicum), 5. Kendyl Otter (20:43, Meridian), 6. Callie Buchanan (21:07, Lakewood), 7. Rubi Stuit (21:11, Meridian), 8. Madison Howe (21:14, Lakewood), 9. Holly Riley (21:33, Lakewood), 10. Alexa Daily (21:45, Lakewood)


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