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Courtesy of the Bellingham Bells

Bells Add Several Ten-Day Players to 2018 Roster

May 24, 2018 

The Bellingham Bells have added multiple ten-day players to the 2018 roster. The ten-day player class consists of six pitchers, a catcher, three infielders and an outfielder.


“This is a group of quality players and we believe each one of them could make a big difference in our early season success,” Bells pitching coach and recruiting coordinator Jim Clem said. “We have had our eyes on these particular players for a while.”


Due to the varying academic and athletic schedules, players will arrive in Bellingham at different times in June. This causes some players to miss the early part of the season, requiring that the ten-day players fill out the roster in the early part of the season. The Bells retain the option to keep any of these players after their ten-day contracts expire.


“These ten-day players are extremely important to our team, regardless of whether they make the full-time roster,” Clem noted.


This year the Bells have signed 10 ten-day players to help round out the roster at the beginning of the season.


The ten-day players include:



  • Justin Armbruester, RHP, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Elliott Carney, RHP, Edmonds Community College

  • Marcos Cuenca, RHP, Western Oklahoma State

  • Lucas Ford, RHP, Edmonds Community College

  • Alex Gregory, RHP, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Tyler Williams, RHP, Bellevue College



  • Matt James, University of Notre Dame



  • Tori Doten, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Griffin McCormick, Bellevue College

  • Ben McKay, Wenatchee Valley Community College



  • Marques Carlson, Pacific Lutheran University

The Bells open the 2018 WCL season June 1st at Kelowna. Bellingham will host in their home opener versus the Walla Walla Sweets at Joe Martin Field June 4th. 

*Bellingham Bells press release edited by The Doug Lange Network 

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