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Bells Add Several 10-Day Players to 2019 Roster

May 21, 2019 

The Bellingham Bells have added 12 players to the 2019 roster to serve 10-day roles. The 10-day player class consists of seven pitchers, a catcher, three infielders, and an outfielder.


“This is a group of quality players and we believe each one of them could make a big difference in our early season success,” Bells pitching coach and recruiting coordinator Jim Clem said. “We have had our eyes on these particular players for a while.”


 The ten-day players include:



  • Eric Anderson, RHP, Bellevue College

  • Will Armbruester, RHP, University of New Mexico

  • Barry Caine, RHP, University of British Columbia

  • Marcos Cuenca, RHP, Western Oklahoma State College

  • Tate Dearing, RHP, Polk State College

  • Nick Miller, LHP, Bellevue College

  • Justin Tucker, RHP, Pacific Lutheran University



  • Ricardo Barraza, University of Puget Sound



  • Chase Anderson, Pacific University

  • Nic Sokol, Edmonds Community College

  • Sam Swenson, George Fox University



  • Dylan Morgan, Pacific University

Due to varying academic and athletic schedules, players will arrive in Bellingham at different times throughout June, requiring the ten-day players to fill out the roster early in the season. The Bells retain the option to keep any of these players after their 10-day contracts expire.


“These 10-day players are extremely important to our team, regardless of whether they make the full-time roster,” Clem said.

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